0ur Beginnings as the Ulster Transport Heritage Group


The Ulster Transport Heritage Group founded in 2016; when Nigel Glenholmes purchased former Ulster bus Leyland Tiger OXI 1250 from Thomas Mitchell and The Ulsterbus 1250 Group, Nigel asked Thomas to remain in the group with his new purchase, a former CityBus (Belfast) Bristol RELL 6G AXI 2541 and that saw a new combined name bringing both groups together and forming the U.T.H.G.


The new group had seen lots of ups and downs and vehicles come and go as we initially struggled to get on a level footing with Nigel in Northern Ireland and Tom in his adopted home of Manchester England.


In 2018 Nigel and Tom agreed the group needed to have more variety of vehicles and, to stand out from other groups, would concentrate on vehicles either 1st or last in its batch or that have historical meaning. For instance, 1250 was held back when new to be used as a test bus testing new initiative for people with reduced mobility and visual impairments by being the 1st bus in Northern Ireland to have the kneeling front suspension, palm push ‘Bus Stopping’ buttons, bright DiPTAC poles, sharks tooth edging to the steps and an LED strip light. 2541 was, as far as we know, the only Bristol RE to carry 3 all over adverts. 2570 is one of a few Bristol REs that has worked for the 3 main operators in Northern Ireland, Ulsterbus, CityBus and Lough Swilly. 1550 is the last B10M bus in Northern Ireland also the last Alexander Q type body for Northern Ireland.


This wish to save unique and historical Northern Ireland public transport continues today were we are now looking to take on our biggest challenges yet, please see Belfast Corporation 183 Page.


Nigel and Tom have been extremely fortunate, that after a few” tyre kickers” have come and gone to have some very keen and hardworking volunteers, these individuals have been invaluable with their enthusiasm and willingness to help with everything required to get and keep the buses restored and on the road. It is our aim that with progress we can get more volunteers to come work with us and learn of the history of transport in Northern Ireland.