2570 is a 39-seater City Bus, new to Citybus in March 1984 as part of a batch of 10 BXI registered RE’s delivered in 1984. 2570,


Registered as ‘BXI 2570, carries the Chassis number of ‘RELL-3-2727’, and an Alexanders X Type ‘B52F’ body. Although this bus was stored for an extra 2 months until May, yet again due to the risk of it being destroyed. It spent just over 16 years in service with Citybus until withdrawal in September 2000. Where it passed to Ulsterbus in the same month, being transferred all the way to Pennyburn, Derry/Londonderry. It was finally withdrawn in March 2004.


 She had a second chance at life when it was bought by the now defunct Lough Swilly Bus Co. in July 2004, becoming ‘452’ and being re-registered to ’84-DL-2329’ where it spent its days here based out of Lough Swilly’s Carndonagh Depot as a school bus. Upon withdrawal from the Swilly in June 2007, 2570 ‘sat’ in Carndonagh depot for 2 years before being bought for preservation in July 2009.


It has been also bought by a multitude of owners before finally being bought by the 6CBPG in October 2020.

2570 pic5.jpg
2570 pic4.jpg

In her revised livery, Bristol RE 2570 makes her debut doing public runs around the Whitehead area working for the RPSI during their Open weekend. - May 2021