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No.183 a Triaxle 68-seater Trolleybus, new to Belfast Corporation in January 1949 as part of a batch of 44 Guy BTX’s delivered to the Corporation between 1948 and 1949.


183; registered as ‘GZ 8547’, sports the Chassis number of ‘BTX36870’, and a Harkness ‘H36/32R’ body. 


Spending just over 20 years in service, it was withdrawn in May 1968 and was 1 of 11 BTX’s which lasted in service until the closure of the system.


Upon withdrawal 183 was handed over to the National Transport Museum of Ireland in Howth, for preservation. Although up until recently, it has been donated to us for eventual full restoration to working order.


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We estimate the total cost of restoration to be close to £80,000, this includes the use of new electric motors which will allow the bus to move under it's own power and should the opportunity arise, present itself via the use of overhead power lines.

The aim is to 'future proof' this bus by using alloys where possible without compromising originality.

We are not only asking for donations, money as it is much needed, the skills involved in bodywork, auto electrics, mechanical and upholstory are equally important.

If you would like to help with this poject please get in touch via email or social media