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I have been an active volunteer of the Ulster Transport Heritage Group for over a year and a half now.


I have Asperger’s Syndrome, and have always had an interest in the buses, and being a volunteer here has seriously helped me in many ways.


It has given me opportunities I never thought I would get, such as helping to restore my all-time favorite buses and being able to see and travel on buses which if it were not for the group, would still and probably forever remain a dream. Being a member has taught me multiple skills, such as brush painting a bus, and overall helping to maintain and restore them, which is a skill in itself!


Because of my condition, confidence, and communication for me is not my strong point, and before coming to the group, my confidence overall and especially in a work environment were not great, if non-existent. This is where the group really helped me, it has taught me how to work under given instructions and in a team, and getting the job done… and being proud of it. It has also helped me to communicate formally with outside parties, in whatever business is needing to take place.


The group has also brought out a part of me which I never thought I had, which is researching. I recently have researched into multiple buses we have (and are getting) and have all been successful, finding original registrations, dates, and operators, and compiling them into a formal paragraph discussing a vehicles history, and with advice from the chairmen, I am getting better at it with every bus I investigate.


Working under pressure has always made me panic, but the group has also taught me how to work under pressure, and I have found personally it is becoming easier to cope with than ever for me.

 I have been an active volunteer of the Ulster Transport Heritage Group since December 2019.


I feel that working with the buses has helped to build my teamwork skills, and I feel it has also boosted my confidence and knowledge of old vehicles. Since I joined, I have done a range of things that I would have never thought of doing before, I have also stepped out of my comfort zone on multiple occasions while working with the buses.


I have a phobia of heights, which means I cannot work at heights on a ladder, steps or scaffolding or anything similar. This is something I do not think I will overcome easily or quickly, but I am very, very slowly getting more comfortable at heights, although I do still try to avoid them as I start to feel dizzy very quickly.

Apprentice mechanic and transport enthusiast.  I have always had an interest in transport, mainly the railways and started volunteering at 16 with the RPSI where I work on the maintenance and running of the steam trains.


I love it, hard graft with the goal of keeping the heritage alive.


That is why I joined the UTHG, the joy of keeping the older busses alive, using my skills to keep the growing fleet going.


This is further enhanced by my job as an apprentice with Translink. Learning to work on the current metro busses and keep them going, which is never an easy job. Aside from this I enjoy video games and sci-fi on TV. Buy most of all never afraid to get my hands dirty.

Since I was a young lad. I have always had a fascination with transport and at the age of six years old.


I had my first ever ride on a Class 43 HST and my transport interests started with trains but then my interests for buses started when I was about 10 years old when I used to go to school on an ex-London Transport Daimler DMS Fleet line and my love of buses grew from there.


I have volunteered for many bus and train groups for a fair chunk of my life. Since coming home to Northern Ireland in 2017, I have been looking around to volunteer for transport groups in Northern Ireland as I always enjoy helping on good causes and I discovered the Ulster Transport Heritage Group in 2019 and since being a member of the group.


I have had the pleasure to make new friends including Nigel who is the co-founder of this transport group and I have met some new firends,  who were  working on the bus with Nigel on my first day of volunteering at the group. The group is a friendly one with a relaxed and a positive atmosphere which is ideal for me.


Although 2020 was a year that I would call the "lost year".


I intend to make 2021 a year where I will start to become more involved with the group and be happy to help with the restoration work on their collection of vehicles as well as share my new ideas with the group for new adventures and to get feedback on my ideas too.


I would recommend anyone interested in transport to come and join us because it is a great group, and you are bound to enjoy yourself whilst helping preserve pieces of history in the process.