175 is an 86-seater Double Decker, new to Tyne and Wear PTE in August 1980. 175, registered as ‘AVK 175V’, carries the Chassis number of ‘AL79/1979/42’, and an Alexanders AL ‘H49/37F’ body. It spent 26 years in service until final withdrawal in October 2006 from Walton’s, Freckleton, as a school bus.


Within the 26 years, it pinballed between operators, starting with Tyne and Wear PTE, moving to Newcastle Busways, Go Ahead Northern, and finally Walton’s. Upon withdrawal from Walton’s.


Upon Withdrawal; 175 headed to Lloyd Cook Motors, for use as an advertising board for their business, where for many years it could have been seen from the A6 Glenshane pass, until finally being bought by the 6CBPG in August 2020, for eventual full restoration to Ulsterbus livery as a tribute to the Original Ulsterbus Atlanteans.

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