1383 was new in April 1998 originally as part of a batch of buses for export to China, but the order was diverted to a dealer in Dublin eventually  being sold to Chambers of Moneymore.


Two years later it was sold to th Western Education and Library Board becoming CNZ3821.

It is a Mercedes OH1416 with Wright's Urban Ranger body. Its 1 of only 16 Urban Rangers built and the only Chambers example surviving (as far as we know).


Under the ownership of Chambers, she was Re-registered to ‘R77 CCH’, on being sold to Reaney's in 2009 she was yet again re-registered this time to a 98 Southern plate, ‘98-G-10873’.

 The UTHG purchased it for preservation on 30th November 2019 and has since regained its original registration of CNZ 3821 - and its original fleet number of 1383 when she was with the WELB.

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